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I am based in Singapore, have Javascript, React, ReasonMl, ReasonReact projects you'd like to discuss?

My Experience:

Looping in bs-emotion

If you like to do a loop in bs-emotion for list of classes and do something, for example different background colors for class of name 1 – 10.

here’s how: First you create a loop function with list of colors that you want to loop over and each class_index_number, since bs-emotion uese ocaml syntax, […]

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let%Everything ReasonML

let%Anything is a really cool module for ReasonML, Which allows you to create a module and use as with let%Module, lets take a look how to use. Since buckleScript have upgraded to 7++ by default and I am using bs-let for demo: Create a module and method that you like, with let_. Here I create […]

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Built job portal web app with reasonML/ReasonReact, expressjs and mongoDB

I have added a demo on how I use ReasonMl/ReasonReact with expressJs and mongoDB, you can see how I use Atdgen for sharing types from frontend, reasonML and backend, expressjs/javascirpt types. You can see how I use bs-emotion instead of css, or sass to style the components. you can see the repo on: https://github.com/maxlibin/ParentalJobs This […]

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Build a childcare center search engine with reasonML

I made a demonstration on how to use ReasonReact/ReasonML to build a childcare center search website. the demo can be seen on: https://amazing-fermi-decca3.netlify.com/ Few tech stacks used here are:ReasonML language, ReasonReact Framework, BS-Emotion for styling, BS-fetch for promise fetching data, BS-JSON for decoding JSON to BuckletScript. Source code can be found on github

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Writing css on ReasonReact with oCaml

Recently I was working quite a bit on ReasonML / ReasonReact projects, and we moved from writing old approach of writing external CSS to inline-css with bs-emotion (using oCaml syntax directly). Its really easy to use css or sass / scss into ReasonReact components, you can import them the same way you import with from […]

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ReasonML ReasonReact updated with React hooks

With the latest ReasonReact update, finally support hooks, and new way of writing reasonReact with more functional approach is so much better, easier and fun. Lets try to begin with a new Component, Button.re, BTW, there are some API was replaced to new name space “React” from “ReasonReact”

As you can see above code, […]

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Higher order component for ReasonReact

A higher order component is basically a reusable component which allows you to takes in another component and return a new component. To recap about higher component check our my older post here In ReasoML higher order function are called “Functors” which takes in a module type and returns a module type, functors are written […]

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Better way to decode JSON in ReasonML/ReasonReact

Recently I was working on some reasonml/ReasonReact project which required to request data in JSON format from an API endpoint, well there are some BuckleScript decoders such https://github.com/glennsl/bs-json which is the more popular one,the way you decode is pretty easy:

you pass in the json and define the field in Json.Decode… at first it […]

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fast piping in reasonml

fast piping allow you to transform your function code into more readable syntax, imaging you have human(person(age())) this is very inconvenience to see. with piping you can do it like this:

which is exactly the same as human(person(age())) there are 3 different pipes as I understand you can do like


whats different […]

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Convert React project to ReasonReact project

Recently I converted one of my old React project while studying React from Udacity sometime back, Since I am reading ReasonML recently so I thought I might as well convert to ReasonML language or ReasonReact, you can find it here. MyRead ReasonReact

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