fast piping in reasonml

fast piping allow you to transform your function code into more readable syntax, imaging you have human(person(age())) this is very inconvenience to see. with piping you can do it like this:


which is exactly the same as human(person(age()))

there are 3 different pipes as I understand you can do like

|> person
|> human

human @@ age->person

whats different is that |> will put the parameter on the right side and -> on the left side

person->human("something"); this will take person function and use on the first parameter so it become
human(person, "something");

however if you are using person |> human("something"); it become human("something", person);

and @@ is like wrap into ()

human @@ age->person
is same as human(age->person) which will equals to human(person(age()))

you can readmore here

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