June 09, 2012

What is Interaction Design

Interaction design is consider as new technique for me, yet i am into this stuff now.
i know you are asking what is that? Interaction design is about designing for user, understand their goal, their task, their experience, needs and wants, which focus on their behavior.

Wikipedia explains:

"Interaction design is heavily focused on satisfying the needs and desires of the people who will use the product. Where other disciplines like software engineering have a heavy focus on designing for technical stakeholders of a project."


The difference between user experience and interaction design is that UX(user experience) is a overall experience and satisfaction when using the product which are mostly commonly refers to combining of software and business topic. IXD (interaction design) are sub-disciplin of design which examine the role of behavior and intelligence in physical or virtual space for technological convergence for digital products.

Interaction designer is a key player in the company, he or she need to know who they are designing for and what their goal is which information architect and user research are provided, then he or she need to come out with a design strategy which to help the team members to have a better understanding of how 's users interaction for the project. Based on that designer's workflow, he might start to sketch in paper or other tools, and evolve into prototyping such as XHTML/Flash or even Video casting.

Interaction Design is definably a great skill and challenging for the design industry, especially the speed of changing of technology in the industry and users are expecting a way interaction of website or your application, as designer we have to quickly adopt to the situation and solve the problem.

If like to learn more about Interaction design, here are some of reference that you can read up:


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Sorry i am new to this field If you have more links to resource and difference in view please comment below.