April 21, 2014

Watch flash / steaming videos on mobile in Singapore

A lot of time when you try to access some websites that provide video streaming, and you found this awesome guy that blocked you, the message looks like this:


But there are many brilliant guys that built tools and services that help you across the wall, in order to access websites that only allowed in specific country you need tools like VPN, vpn is virtual private network, that what actually does is give you/ authorized personnel an access to that server and use the server ip to do things you like, imaging you could access into USA VPN and watch shows from hulu or Netflix, That's awesome. Of course many other US based streaming site too, one of the biggest activity is watch P*** online, these are very illegal on Singapore, so is not recommended.

There are many VPN services out there which are quite fair price, a few I recommend are:
Asstrill vpn
Hidemyass vpn
Express vpn
Strong vpn

All comes with their own desktop app, so easiest way is download and login, follow instruction, you will be happy after that.

Now cones the mobile part, for those who do not want to watch on PC you could do it on phone, either android or iPhone, let you tell you a secret app for iPhone that allows you to Stream videos directly from streaming site that does not provide html5 technologies, which means these are using flash videos, you could use this all called iSafeplay, it's real awesome, you could even save videos, photos, documents and keep it private, that's the best app I suggest for play boys and play girls.

So add these up you get what my title suggest, it's real cool, try out and leave comment below if you need help.