Gulp Mamp development

I am doing quite a lot of wordpress stuff and since using Gulp, i found happiness in my development environment, here are the most common modules that I used.

  • tiny-lr
  • gulp-coffee
  • gulp-sass
  • gulp-uglify
  • gulp-jshint
  • gulp-util
  • gulp-livereload
  • gulp-imagemin

So what I want to do with my wordpress development is that every time I made some changes to SASS / CoffeeScript or even when I saved the image it will reload the page automatically.

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Mysql command in terminal with mamp

For those who are having problem with mysql command in terminal,

if you are getting an error message when you type mysql in command after you installed MAMP on mac,

Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/tmp/mysql.sock’ (2)

The solution is easy,

go to your terminal,

sudo nano /etc/my.cnf

and paste in this line..


click command O to save the file and command X to exit, restart your MAMP and there you go!

Create a virtual host in mamp

Running virtual host on your desktop will be a great help to boost up your development alot.
I have been doing almost all of my projects now days, I am using MAMP on mac (sorry for window users), if you do not have MAMP go ahead, download and install.

Why virtual Host?

Virtual host give you ability to host its own domain such as “”, by entering this on your browser will project out your project.

Install MAMP

Download MAMP
Once installed, start MAMP application and start servers which will turn 2 red buttons on the left to green

mamp server

When you start the application, you will notice that it automatic opens up the browser which is using :8888 port, something like this: localhost:8888/MAMP…
first change the port to default port by clicking preference->Ports-> click on the “Set to default Apache and MySQL ports”. This will turn your Apache port to 80.
Click ok
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