Remove sudo meteor

Recently when I do some demo to a friend about meteor app I built, so I start my app by doing Sudo Meteor, and he asked me, Why should I do sudo?, and I said I don’t know, then he show me an website that seems to fix this problem by doing Repairing Disk Permission on disk Utility, but turns out it does not work for me, so when I do meteor, I saw some error message like this,

Retrying after error Error: SQLITE_CANTOPEN: unable to open database file

Ok so I thought it could be permission problem, and I did,

sudo chown -R 'your computer username' ~/.meteor

then try meteor again, erm, now I get another error,

Error: EACCES, permission denied '/Users/libin/.meteorsession'

ok so it must be permission error now, since is just meteor cache, I can remove it with

sudo rm -rf /Users/libin/.meteorsession 

and do meteor again, it works!!! at this point if you still have some problem that my another meteor have, which have mongo error

Can't start Mongo server.                     
MongoDB had an unspecified uncaught exception.
This can be caused by MongoDB being unable to write to a local database.
Check that you have permissions to write to .meteor/local. MongoDB does
not support filesystems like NFS that do not allow file locking.

I guess you already know how to fix, just do

sudo chown -R 'your computer username' meteorAppFolderName