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Using react higher order component

When you start to work with lots of React components, and you realised alot of component patterns are the same, then you want to reuse these component patterns which is where Higher Order Component(HOC) kicks in. Think of HOC as higher order function: usually you write function in Javascript:

Higher order function basically is […]

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React js 16.3

Recently Facebook has released the react 16.3 which bundled with a few awesome features including Context API and createRef(), I will talk abit about Context API since its quite hot topic. Context API its a feature that allows you to pass your data down to all child levels without passing props around like what you […]

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Whats wrong with lambda internal server error

Lambda was a great service with great features, and serverless framework is even better, serverless simplified everything you do with AWS or other serverless providers. Was doing some fun with serverless framework where I am simply trying to output a response from some API to Lambda API gateway, and suddenly I got “Internal server error” […]

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Udacity react nanodegree review

Recently I was graduated from react nanodegree with Udacity. The course was separated into 3 main course: 1) React Fundamentals 2) React & Redux 3) React Native Each course have their own assignment to complete, overall its about 4 or 5 months course, it only took me 1 month plus to complete 😉 since the […]

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IntersectionObserver is a very simple and powerful browser API, it really good to build such as lazy-load images, contents or whatever, the concept is really simple, it observer an element, when is visible and then you do something about it. One example, when this div is visible then load image. Outthought its not supported by […]

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simple way to improve react applications performace

Before I start discussing some ways to improve the performance of react applicate, you should read the official doc from react site which already discussed about this topic. So in my own opinion few ways to improve the performance: 1) Use stateless/function component instead of writing class as component, using stateless component will eliminate “this” […]

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server side react with next.js

After trying out next.js, totally lovely this tool, no reason not to use now with server side react render. One of the biggest benefit I felt is definitely the SEO part. As my screenshot below you can see that in source code which renders the contents, this is great for crawlers to quickly crawl your […]

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Screenshot with google chrome without any plugin

Its new updates of Chrome 62 and its really easy to take screenshots with build in api, no longer require any plugins or extensions. Open up your chrome, usually I would use Chrome Canary which has latest versions. open up your console with

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react 16 createPortal

React 16 introduced createPortal function which allows you to render elements outside react Dom, this become useful when you need to dynamically render some elements such as tooltip, modals… createPortal function can be used inside render method, and returns jsx as usual and where you want to render this element, as example below:

what […]

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Easiest way to handling indexOf

Lets create a function that allow us to if string is available in array with this shortcode

using tilde operator will flip the bits in its operand. which is similar to

then use !! to convert this into boolen, this is easiest way to check indexOf and its more readable than …

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