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Better way to decode JSON in ReasonML/ReasonReact

08 December 2018

Recently I was working on some reasonml/ReasonReact project which required to request data in JSON format from an API endpoint, well there are some BuckleScript decoders such https://github.com/glennsl/bs-json which is the more popular one,the way you decode is pretty easy:

you pass in the json and define the field in Json.Decode… at first it […]

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fast piping in reasonml

08 October 2018

fast piping allow you to transform your function code into more readable syntax, imaging you have human(person(age())) this is very inconvenience to see. with piping you can do it like this:

which is exactly the same as human(person(age())) there are 3 different pipes as I understand you can do like


whats different […]

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Convert React project to ReasonReact project

29 August 2018

Recently I converted one of my old React project while studying React from Udacity sometime back, Since I am reading ReasonML recently so I thought I might as well convert to ReasonML language or ReasonReact, you can find it here. MyRead ReasonReact

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optional chaining in javascript

15 August 2018

Imaging if you need to access deep level of property and you are not sure that if such properties exists deep down, you are doing something like

This is really difficult to read and understand sometime. there is something called optional chaining in javascript proposal which you can use if you include in babel-plugin-proposal-optional-chaining […]

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ReasonML 101 notes

24 July 2018

Reason 101: variable assignment with let keyword cannot is immutable, but you can set it to mutable by assign to ref() example JS:

in reason:

for string concat:

array in ReasonML is using [|”a”, “b”, “c”|] /* | = pipe symbol */


list is immutable. in list you can […]

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Using react higher order component

28 June 2018

When you start to work with lots of React components, and you realised alot of component patterns are the same, then you want to reuse these component patterns which is where Higher Order Component(HOC) kicks in. Think of HOC as higher order function: usually you write function in Javascript:

Higher order function basically is […]

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React js 16.3

02 April 2018

Recently Facebook has released the react 16.3 which bundled with a few awesome features including Context API and createRef(), I will talk abit about Context API since its quite hot topic. Context API its a feature that allows you to pass your data down to all child levels without passing props around like what you […]

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Whats wrong with lambda internal server error

26 March 2018

Lambda was a great service with great features, and serverless framework is even better, serverless simplified everything you do with AWS or other serverless providers. Was doing some fun with serverless framework where I am simply trying to output a response from some API to Lambda API gateway, and suddenly I got “Internal server error” […]

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Udacity react nanodegree review

14 February 2018

Recently I was graduated from react nanodegree with Udacity. The course was separated into 3 main course: 1) React Fundamentals 2) React & Redux 3) React Native Each course have their own assignment to complete, overall its about 4 or 5 months course, it only took me 1 month plus to complete 😉 since the […]

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12 February 2018

IntersectionObserver is a very simple and powerful browser API, it really good to build such as lazy-load images, contents or whatever, the concept is really simple, it observer an element, when is visible and then you do something about it. One example, when this div is visible then load image. Outthought its not supported by […]

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