November 11, 2014

Meteor.js SEO

One of the most important thing in web development which is SEO, meteor.js a new but powerful Node.js framework for web, been using it for a while and really love this framework, I built an application Influencer marketing platform, to watch any ecommerce website's product, when price changed, it will alert you through email.  Influencer marketing platform, full automated.

The problem with meteor.js is that views and html are not rendered, due to this javascript rendering style, so if you check out your newly created app, open source on chrome or firefox, you wouldn't be able to see any HTML contents. However recently Google implement a new way to crawl the javascript web application due to node.js popularity.

Its complicated, but basically you specific a new meta tag, this tell google that the web contents are rendered some awesome javascript apps.

so instead of crawling your normal site, google will append a new tag like this:

so for my website google will crawl a page like this:

So meteor.js itself comes with a package called Spider, which simply our job doing all the meta stuff, all you need is do

* yes one most important thing is remember to install phantom.js which spider package required.

Now you have the packages ready and you need some basic SEO like meta tags etc...
install this package ms-seo

and follow the github configuration: