September 05, 2013

Love bourbon for sass

Recently I am using another library than using compass. As what is described on its web

A simple and lightweight mixin library for Sass.

the reason I let go of compass and use this plugin is as my current development tool is that its very easy to compile and include in every project, Whenever I watch a sass i do not need to do any compass way, i just need do the same as what i did with:
[cc lang="php"]sass --watch file.scss:file.css --style compressed

I highly suggest that you guys try it out, install the plugin by using gem.

[cc lang="php"]gem 'bourbon' //or sudo gem 'bourbon'

once installed all you need to create a new project and bourbon install on the scss directory, say if you scss file is in /css/main.scss and cd to this directory in termina. Then:
[cc lang="php"]bourbon install
This will create a folder which including all the bourbon files and you just need to import that to your scss and then you are ready to use their library.

if you like to read more please go to their