March 14, 2014

Hands on Atom Editor

Today I have got invited to test out the new Atom Editor by Github, here is my experience with the editor.

The first thing when I open up the editor is open up some files, too bad first start does not allow me to do that, however there is a cool function by Atom, Atom comes with an command option in terminal to open up current folder. You can open your project by using


Thats wonderful, however I think Atom can improve that by allowing us to drag and drop in files into that project sidebar, by the way if you like to toggle between sidebar a short code will be Command + K, B similar to sublime.

Unlike sublime which comes has Command P and Command Shift P, Atom only use Command Shift P, which brings up all the necessary things you need, example first thing you want to do is check out the packages, since this is an open source project, sure there must be brilliant people building awesome plugins.

Go ahead and press

Command Shift P

and type in "install package", which where you can navigate to the install package option, click that or press enter.

this is where you can install themes, packages, and more...

One plugin that I recommend is Auto Complete and Auto Complete plugs, install and you are good with auto completion, which I pretty like the way that this plugin cache the data, it remember what we type previously and so….
There's another plugin for Vim users, is called Vim Mode, simulate the way Vim editor works.
Since Command Shift P is everything, we can use it for other options like opening up an file, by doing Control Shift P and then Control T to bring up the opening file option, there you type in the name of your file and click to open up. There are so much options there to explore, go ahead try it our yourself.
By the way if you like to add multiple column, you could do it with 
Command + K , Up
Command + K , Down
Command + K , Left
Command + K , Right

There are so much things to explore with Atom Editor, so I strongly suggest that you request an invite, download and hands-on yourself.
P.S there is one thing I forgot to mention earlier, about the Atom’s web developer inspector, this is really cool for front-end developers, that need a quick solutions for debugging html or javascript.