July 23, 2013

Developing Android apps with Android x86 emulator


For those who are using eclipse and are developing android apps but got pissed with the speed or performance of the build in emulator, here is an alternate solution by using x86 emulator on virtual machine.

1) Download and install the virtualBox from its official website.

2) Download the X86 Image file from here, There are quite a few version to get, I am using android-x86-4.2-20130228.iso. I tired a few other versions but all does not come with ethernet features which means other version that I used all can't access the net.

After install the VM, open up and click "New" to add a new image, enter a name, select Linux as your type and use Linux 2.6 as your version.

And go ahead follow the instruction and setup.

Once is done, you will see the setup on your Virtual Machine.

Click start to start the virtual machine, and the system will ask you to choose an image for installation. Chose the one that you download just now which is android-x86-4.2-20130228.iso 

Android-x86 4.3 20130725


Click start to start installation process, there are a few options for you to choose,

run live Android from Live CD or install,

if you choose install, here is the steps that you need to go through. Click Create/Modify partitions,

Choose New to create a new partition.

Choose Primary

Enter the size and Now you need to chose write to create the partition.

And type in yes to go ahead, once done, choose Quit to get out of this screen, now you will notice that your Choose Partition screen has an extra option that allow you to choose which partition to install android, choose the sda1 and click on. 

And then choose ext3 as the format to go and install, Click yes to format the partition sda1 and it starts to format the sda1, once again it will ask you to install boot loader GRUB, click yes and it yes for install / system directory as read-write and installing screen will start, if you don't get this screen please follow the instruction again…Now you need to remove your mounted disk from the VM and run the android-x86 .

 there you go, enjoy the new android system on your VM.