September 16, 2013

Access your raspberry pi with your macbook pro

For those who have a macbook pro and raspberry pi and you do not want to use a new keyboard and monitor or mouse, you can use your macbook pro to access your raspberry pi even with screen share.

first you need to connect your raspberry pi with ethernet and USB power adaptor. which like my photo bellow the yellow as the ethernet and black as the power adaptor.

once you are connected it will automatic startup your raspberry pi, and now you can access it by ssh, well before that make sure you share your ethernet connection.
Open up system preferences and click on the share button

then click on the Internet Share, remember to tick the ethernet (To computer using:)

Ok lets get back to the raspberry pi part, Open up your terminal and key in 

ssh -X pi@

anyway the default ip for raspberry pi is, if you are sure that your's are different you could use your own ip…

Once you are login change the x11 forward to yes by doing this on your terminal

sudo nano /etc/ssh/ssh_config

change #X11Forwarding No to yes

#X11Forwarding yes

save it by doing Command O and exit by Command X

what is doing send all the display signal of raspberry pi to your macbook pro from the ethernet. Type in this in our terminal


and there you go…!!!

By the way, Apple stop shipping with the X11 with the newer version of OS X, so you need to install your own Quartz X11

Happy Hacking!!!